Winter FAQs

Winter FAQs


What is included in a winter package?

  • Two seasonal access passes (additional are $50)
  • Moving your house on and off the lake (banking or blocking not included)
  • Showers and garbage
  • Summer storage in a non-camping lot.


  • Even if you don’t go on the lake, your payment is due in full.
  • If you want to use your house in the summer, let us know and we can get you on the wait list.


What do you need for a new customer?

  • Contact information
  • We need 4 copies of your keys. We keep one in the office in case you forget yours and the others are put on rings for the lake crew. That helps us be more efficient working on the lake.
  • Signed Lake Contract
  • Houses must have good skids and pullers

What about a house number?

  • We assign these numbers in the office and provide you with a Mac’s Twin Bay sign with that number.
  • Please display number so our drivers can see it from the road. This will identify you as a seasonal customer.


When can my house go onto the lake?

  • Account must be paid in full.
  • When ice conditions warrant. You can check our website and Facebook for updates.
  • Note: we will not pull your house until you are coming to stay for the first time. This is important especially early in the season, so during the initial rush everyone who is coming up has their house out. Also, early in the year, if you put your house out and don’t come up for a few weeks afterwards you may find you need to move your house due to some flooding

What do I need before I head out onto the lake for the first time each year?

  • Stop in to pick up your season passes.
  • Be sure you have a Mac’s Twin Bay sign with your number on your house.


Every time you visit

  • Stop in the office to flip your tag
  • Check ice conditions and follow Speed Limits
  • Hang your road pass from your rear-view mirror and show it to office when coming on/off the lake.
  • When you leave for home, stop in and pay any balance and flip your tag.

Do you just plow whenever it snows?

  • That just isn’t practical. Please call us 24 hours before you come up to your house and we will have it ready.
  • There is a charge with < 24 hours’ notice.

What about services?

  • You will find that our road system and customer service is second to none.
  • We can move your house, bank and block it, even unbank it. You can even call us up to turn on your heat and drill you holes before you come up!
  • When we move your house, it must be unbanked. If we unbank it, there is a charge.
  • Please give us 24 hours’ notice.

Is there a speed limit?

  • Signs are posted on the roads and on the office.
  • These are enforced for everyone’s safety.
  • If you see someone speeding, please call the office.

Do my visitors need to pay for a road pass?

  • Yes, unless you have one of your two seasonal passes for them to use. They can also park on shore and ride out with you.
  • By the way, they also pay $5 for showers. You can pay at the office.

At the end of the year:

  • Balance is due by last day on the ice. If not paid, there is a late fee.
  • Remember that the move off doesn’t include unbanking. You can do it yourself or we can do it for you for a charge.


  • Let us know if your address or phone #s change. That way we can reach you if there is a problem or when we send out annual notices.
  • We do not ‘hold’ road passes in the office.
  • We are a small business and ask that you “pay as you go.” We do not send out statements or invoices. All outstanding balances are subject to a 18% finance charge.