Thanks for your patience – – –

We know you are excited to get your house out on the lake, and our whole team is working hard to make that happen

Just a reminder that our policy continues to be that we cannot keep a list of folks who want to go out “ASAP” or “whenever.” Until we know specifically that your house can go out and you have transportation or can drive and you are planning to come up right away, we have to ask you to wait.

With early ice, the conditions change and we don’t know exactly when we’ll allow vehicles to drive. We also want to remind you that with early ice, it is quite common that if a house goes out, there will be some flooding, requiring that the house be moved so it does not freeze in. In this case, the house owner would be responsibility for the unbank, move to a new location, and for the bank and block in the new spot.

During the initial rush onto the lake, we simply can’t put everyone on a list to go “whenever.” Why? Because sometimes we end up running out of time and then disappoint someone who can come the next morning but can’t get out because we put someone else out who turns out to be unable to come up until the next weekend.

We do our best to update the website and facebook to keep you up to date, because we know the phones can get a bit crazy.

Please be patient with us as we work very hard to get everyone out safely.