January 15, 2015 Happy Friday!

January 15, 2016
10 mph – Driving up to ¾ ton
Roads A, B,1st ½ of C, Road D & part of Road C

10 mph is max.
Vehicle Traffic: up to 3/4 ton
Private houses up to 12×24
Small wheel houses (16′ or less)

All Rental houses available
• 6-, 8-,10- and 14-hole deluxe sleeper houses
• 8- and 10-hole day houses  
• 1 and 2-hole spear houses

Be sure to stop in the office to check conditions before heading out!

General Ice conditions: Roads are plowed to Road I and we have about 15″ of ice on the roads. As far as where we put houses, we have 11-14” in bay, Roads A, B, and C (1st ½ only) have about 13.” Roads D, E, F, and I are sitting at about 10-14″, which is why we’ll only go part way on some.

Thanks for your patience, everyone. Keep in mind that with the cold weather tomorrow night WILL come cracks so check out our updates and DRIVE SLOWLY.

Keep it slow and let’s have a great winter!
The faster you drive, the harder it is on the roads.