January 13

January 13, 2016

10 mph – Driving up to ¾ ton

Roads A & B & 1st ½ of C

Roads: Bay and on Roads A & B & C (1st 1/2 ). 10 mph is max.

Vehicle Traffic: up to 3/4 ton

Private houses up to 12×24 Small wheel houses (16’ or less)

All Rental houses available

  • 6-, 8-,10- and 14-hole deluxe sleeper houses
  • 8- and 10-hole day houses
  • 1 and 2-hole spear houses

Fishing: Seeing lots of small perch minnows, so target those perch colors with your baits. Reports around the lake are consistently good. My dad was out yesterday and caught a few small perch and walleyes in the perch hole.

Be sure to stop in the office to check conditions before heading out!


General Ice conditions: Roads are plowed to Road I and we have about 15” of ice on the roads. As far as where we put houses, we have 10-13” in bay. Roads A, B, and C (1st ½ only) have about 12”. Roads D, E, F, and I are sitting at about 9-12”.


Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Keep it slow and let’s have a great winter!

The faster you drive, the harder it is on the roads.