January 4, 2016 It’s Getting Closer…

frozen ice fisherman

We are getting ready for the cold weather which will hopefully build enough ice to start getting more houses out. Ice is still variable, but we do have about 4 miles of roads plowed.

Snowmobile and 4-wheeler traffic are still ok. Unfortunately, we don’t anticipate allowing driving this weekend but we hope that after the cold sets in, perhaps by mid next week, that might change.

  • Right now, we have 6 ½ -11”” in bay. Main road is plowed to Road I
  • Roads A, B, and C are plowed and have about 8-10”
  • Roads E, F, and I vary from 6-9”


  • We should have a couple small (6- and 8-hole) sleeper houses out this weekend.
  • We have our day rental houses out and available.
  • Our rental spear houses are all out.

Really  not sure about small private houses, because there will be no driving this weekend and we anticipate having to move everything after the weekend due to snow. That means you’d be responsible to pay for the move/bank/block again.

Fishing reports are still sounding good. Folks are seeing lots of fish. One group speared a couple small northerns followed by a 30 incher. That was a fun one! Another group caught 8 walleyes Saturday evening, with one in the slot. 10’-14’ seems to be the favorite.

Spearers seem to be doing better with decoy minnows vs. artificial decoys and smaller suckers. Bigger minnows are doing well, too, for spearing and tip-ups here in the bay.