Ice and Fishing Report 12/27/15

December 27, 2015
Ice Conditions
Ice is varying a bit, from 6-8” in the bay. Kevin has been out marking Roads A and B and the main road.
Snowmobiles and 4-wheelers should be ok in the bay and on Roads A and B, but not past Hawkbill Point. The ice past Road B has just begun to freeze. We will keep checking on it. Hope for no more winds to blow it open or too much snow, either.
Our team is out packing the snow with snowmobiles and pulling a packer around to help, then drilling holes to flood the snow and encourage the freezing.
Nice 37″ northern
Doug Green
Fishing Conditions
Good action out in the bay and lots of activity. We had nice ones in the past few days, but not many reports since Christmas. Fish are nice and fat, and using a smaller presentation seems to be doing well for perch. Excited to see the perch activity! Good for the lake!