January 5, 2018

Roads are good out to I. Some thinner ice past that is holding us back from going to Hennepin for now.

Fishing reports have been good, too. Lots for nice walleyes and northerns.

We do have some rentals open, so come on up and enjoy 25660071_10155043167812155_1764325796178846154_nMN winter!

Looks good!

We stayed in a house on road E on Monday and fishing was pretty good to us.
Roads A to I are open for all traffic and houses. We are working on getting to Hennepin. But it looks like Saturday for pulling houses there. Found some thin spots and 26165766_10155040933767155_5187214932202819538_nneed them to thicken a few days.

Thanks for your patience – – –

We know you are excited to get your house out on the lake, and our whole team is working hard to make that happen

Just a reminder that our policy continues to be that we cannot keep a list of folks who want to go out “ASAP” or “whenever.” Until we know specifically that your house can go out and you have transportation or can drive and you are planning to come up right away, we have to ask you to wait.

With early ice, the conditions change and we don’t know exactly when we’ll allow vehicles to drive. We also want to remind you that with early ice, it is quite common that if a house goes out, there will be some flooding, requiring that the house be moved so it does not freeze in. In this case, the house owner would be responsibility for the unbank, move to a new location, and for the bank and block in the new spot.

During the initial rush onto the lake, we simply can’t put everyone on a list to go “whenever.” Why? Because sometimes we end up running out of time and then disappoint someone who can come the next morning but can’t get out because we put someone else out who turns out to be unable to come up until the next weekend.

We do our best to update the website and facebook to keep you up to date, because we know the phones can get a bit crazy.

Please be patient with us as we work very hard to get everyone out safely.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Finally the cold got here! We kept seeing it in the forecast last week and it just would not show up. Nice that it is finally here.

We have plowed the main road, A, B, C, E and F with the light trucks. We need to let that ice grow a couple more days before we put any vehicles on it. Road I has some 9” ice on it yet today but we will try to plow some of that open tomorrow. We will start putting houses in the bay and road A and B tomorrow or Wednesday but still no vehicles yet. Still 10 1/2” to 11 1/2” today when I checked.

We had some rentals on road B catch some big walleye the last few days. Still some northerns in the bay. All the fish seem to be fat. They must of had a good Christmas dinner for a while also. See you soon!!!

Access is Closed

Our crew is hard at work pulling houses off the lake and onto the (very muddy) shore. We are so grateful for the team we have working here at Mac’s Twin Bay!

Sorry to say, but our access is closed for the season.



Due to weather and ice conditions, we are pulling private houses to shore. If your house is not ready to pull, you must CALL IMMEDIATELY. Phones will be busy, so keep trying or leave a message and we’ll call you.

We are closing the lake access at least through Saturday when it is supposed to be below freezing again. We’ll reassess at that time.

All rental reservations for the weekend will be refunded.

Update for weekend

roadsign Update for this weekend:

Ice is still good. With lots of ice (24-28″), we aren’t too concerned about the warm weather. Yes, it’ll get wet when the snow melts on top of the ice, but ice will still be 24-28.” We’ll keep a close eye on conditions, and do expect some movement out there, especially with the bridge over the crack just before Hennepin.

We have lots of roads before and after the bridge. Note: NO WHEEL HOUSES OVER THE BRIDGE. We are sorry, but we feel we have to protect the bridge for all our customers already out there. You are welcome to fish inside the bridge.

Bite last weekend was amazing, so get up here and fish!

All roads are open and well-marked. Stop in the office and check the map and get the latest.

road part aroad part b


Warm weather isn’t hurting ice but will make it pretty sloppy and maybe slippery.

We are allowing traffic and wheeled houses. Stop in the office and we can show you the map when you pay for your pass.

Reports for fishing are still good!


Well the warm weather is nice, but not on the ice! We don’t anticipate problems with ice deterioration, but be prepared for some water as the snow melts. All traffic is still fine–10 MPH.
Private house owners: you may need to stomp down the banking snow around your house. Things may also shift a bit requiring a reblock to level your house.
We only have a few rentals left for the weekend, so call soon.


Our roads are doing fine this morning. Open for traffic.

1/2 tons pulling wheel houses = OK
3/4 tons driving without houses = OK

Speed limit is 10 MPH.

Be safe.