A few changes since last report–

We have roads plowed to A and B and past Hawkbill on Roads C – I . Up to half ton vehicles to rental or private houses and wheelhouses with seasonal contract only, not weekend wheel houses yet.

Our rentals continue to do well with great fishing reports. Spear house this morning kept 3 and saw 7 more, all in a nice warm house away from that wind!  We have spear houses, day houses and sleeper houses (other than 14 holers) out and ready.

We can put out private houses up to 12’x24′ and we do have snow to bank now.  Up to 1/2 tons vehicles only.  Wheeled houses with seasonal contract are ok, too.

Tomorrow afternoon we’ll know if we can allow larger vehicles and houses. It all depends on what the brutal cold does to the ice. Watch for an update early afternoon.
Happy New Year, everyone!